Learner’s Summit 学習戦略会議

( 英会話アルファジニアス)
”本物の英語を身につける” 英会話学習編ビデオ。

Peter Ackerly:  So every one or two months, your team at AlphaGENIUS gets together, and talks about how things are going. We call this THE LEARNER SUMMIT.



We talk about your Wants, your Needs, your Interests and your Resources. These are the central elements that define the work that we do for you.


What do you want?
Why are you studying English?
How are you going to define success?


What do you need?
We as a team listen to your English, and try to figure out what are your problems are.
What is standing in your way?

必要なもの・こと:何が必要か? チームであなたの英語を聞き、どのような点を改善すれば英語力が伸びるかを見ます。何が学習の伸びに問題となっているか?

What are your interests?
What do you care enough about?
What do you enjoy enough so that what we do with you is going to hold your attention?

興味:何に関心があるか? どのような事が気になるか? どのような事を楽しむことができるか、それによって、私達がすることがあなたの学習持続につながるようにできるか。

Well, us for one thing. We try to make sure that we have the right combination of people working for you. We also make sure that the materials that you are using are the right materials for you.
And then, of course, finally, YOU are the most important resource.
Are you using all of the skills that you have in your toolbox? Are we helping you to discover which of your independent study techniques is most effective?


And are we helping you to maximize that effectiveness?


So your WANTS, your NEEDS, your INTERESTS, and your RESOURCES everything is centered around YOU and that’s what we talk about at our LEARNER’S SUMMITS.



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