Hide Yatabe

こんにちは英会話学習仲間の皆さん。八田部 秀樹 ”ヒデ” と申します。アルファ・ジニアスにいらっしゃる方々の英会話学習のお手伝いをしたり、より良いサービスを一人一人のニーズに合わせて提供できるよう手配をしています。東京で生まれ米国で14年間生活をする中で、障害者教育・自立支援等(修士号)を学び福祉の世界で働いてきました。 様々な人が様々な方法で障害を克服していく過程で、彼ら・彼女らが新たなことを一歩一歩学ぶお手伝いをしてきました。その経験が、英語教育・第二言語習得の世界でも役立っています。




Hello, Fellow learners.  I am Hide Yatabe.  I help the learner to get the most out of the range of services that AlphaGENIUS has to offer.

I was born in Tokyo and lived in the Unites States for 14 years.  I earned a Master of Sciences degree in Rehabilitation Counseling – helping people to overcome challenges, and develop new skills. This work deeply informs my work in the field of second language pedagogy.

I am a life-long learner.  I enjoy sharing this fundamental passion with fellow learners. When a learner’s dreams are just beyond his or her reach, and when I happen to be in a position to assist him or her to take hold of them, that is when I am in my element.  That is where I feel the most joy.

AlphaGENIUS is a team of language experts who share this basic passion for learning.  We want to engage your own unique genius, so that we can work with you to lead it out into the world.