NY Times (英字新聞) から英語を学ぶ「警察官、見捨てれた赤ん坊に母乳を与える」

NY Times Americas から。今週の“良いニュース”のリストにも取り上げられた小さなニュースです。


Argentine Police Officer Promoted After Breast-Feeding Neglected Baby



A policewoman in Argentina has been promoted after a photo of her breast-feeding a neglected baby at a hospital while in uniform went viral.



The officer, Celeste Ayala, was among a team of officers who took six siblings into state custody in La Plata, a municipality near Buenos Aires, on Aug. 14, because they were in dismal condition at home.



The youngest, who was about seven months old, was crying furiously. Ms. Ayala, who is breast-feeding a daughter 16 months old, said she sought permission from the hospital staff to breast-feed the baby.



“I didn’t doubt it for a second,” she told the Argentine television show “Cronica.” “So I pulled out my breast and he became calm.”

“全く迷いませんでした。” アルゼンチンのテレビ番組で“クロニカ” は言った。“すぐに乳を出したら、彼は静かになったのです。”


Marcos Heredia, a colleague, posted a photo of Ms. Ayala breast-feeding the boy on Facebook.

“I want to make public this great gesture of love you had with this baby, whom you treated like a mother without a second thought, even though you didn’t know him,” Mr. Heredia wrote.



The post went viral, turning the small act of kindness into national news.



Cristian Ritondo, the minister of security for the Province of Buenos Aires, met with Ms. Ayala last week to inform her that she was being promoted to sergeant.



“We wanted to thank her in person for that spontaneous gesture of love that managed to quiet the baby’s crying,” he said on Twitter. “This is the police force we are proud of, the police force we want.”

“泣く赤ん坊をあやして、その場で愛を表した事にお礼を直接言いたかったのです。” 彼はツイッターで言った。“これが、我々が誇りに思う警察です。我々に必要な警察のあり方です。”



Police officer 警察官 police force 警察全体 警察隊

Promote ~  を昇進させる 

Breast-feed ~  に母乳を与える breast 胸 feed ~ 食事を与える

Neglect ~  への保護義務を怠る 放って置く 無視する

While (being) in uniform  制服を来た状態で

Go viral  オンライン上で急に大きく広がる   viral ウイルスの virus ウイルス

Take ~ into custody 保護下に受け入れる  

State 行政区や州 custody 保護権・留置

Sibling 兄弟 

Municipality 行政区 municipal (地方・地域)行政の

Dismal ひどい 暗い 先の見えない

About seven months old 大体生後7ヶ月  seven years old 7歳

Furiously 大騒ぎで ひどく怒るような be furious カンカンに怒っている

Seek permission 許しを求める seek / sought / sought ~ を求める 

Doubt ~  を疑う 考えに不安を抱く 

Television show テレビ番組  broadcasting network 放送網 テレビ局

Pull out ~  を引いて出す

Be calm 静か 穏やか = quiet

Colleague 同僚 = coworker

Post ~  を載せる post 載せた記事

On Facebook フェイスブックで on the internet インターネットで

Make it public それを公にする

Gesture of love 愛の表現

Treat him like a mother 彼を母親のように扱う

Without a second thought 戸惑わずに a second thought 戸惑う

Even though ~ であるにも拘わらず = although  though 

Turn A into B  AをBに変える  = transform A into B

Act of kindness 親切な行為

Minister of security 安全警備の長官・大臣  prime minister 首相

Inform (人) of / about / that  ~   を知らせる  tell 人 about /  that etc. を伝える

Sargent 軍曹/ 部長 一般的にofficer 巡査や detective 警部の指揮官 名称等は場所や行政で異なる

Thank 人  礼を言う

In person 直接会って

Spontaneous その場のひらめきの 

Manage to ~  こなす

Quiet 人 だまらす 静かにさせる

Be proud 誇りに思う


引用:2018/08/31 NY Times.com  Americas. 2018/8/23 Argentine Police Officer Promoted After Breast-Feeding Neglected Baby から。




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