AlphaGENIUS 創設者 ピーター・アッカリー (Peter Ackerly)



Peter Ackerly. Founder and CEO of AlphaGENIUS

英語を教えてきて発見したことは、英語をすぐに覚えていく優秀な人達というのは、いつも自分自身で考える ”自分のボス” である人達だということです。会社の経営をしている人であろうが、受付で働いている人であろうが、”自分のボス” になるのに職種は関係ありません。逆説になりますが、教科書というものは、学習者がそれを机の上に伏せ、先生が思いもよらない質問をする時に初めて意味をなすものだし、カリキュラムというものは、学習者が ”これは良い。しかし、私にはこれこれこういうところを教えて欲しい。” と自分自身で考え出すようでなければならないと思っています。私はそのような人達の多様なニーズに応え、様々な英語教授法を考え出し多くの学習者に喜ばれてきました。そんな中で、一番効率の良い教授法は学習者に従っていくことだ、と幾度となく学ばされてきました。”学習者に従えば、学習がついてくる。” がAlphaGENIUSのモットーです。


Nice to meet you. My name is Peter Ackerly. I am the Founder and CEO of AlphaGENIUS.

I am from Burlington,Vermont. After graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in Comparative Religion, I began a short but fulfilling career working and living with the mentally disabled population, which is how I became interested in the field of education. I have a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and I have been living in Japan for 17 years, during which I've taught learners of all ages, I have also spent a considerable amount of time teaching on the campuses of such reputable firms as Goldman Sachs, ExxonMobil, UBS, Tokyo University, and McKinsey Consulting. 

My best students were always the boss ... even when they were receptionists or interns. My best paying clients always hired me because they wanted me to meet the particular needs of their employees. You know that the text book is right when the learner puts it down for a moment and asks you a question you never would have anticipated. You know that the curriculum is right when the learner says "very interesting, but I really want to talk about ...." Over the course of my career, I have learned and relearned that the only way to teach well is to follow the learner. "Follow the learner and the learning will follow."

I love it here. I want more people to consider building a life here because in so many ways, Japan is a model society. I love learning, learners, and learning communities. That basic love has been the constant and enduring impetus of my career, culminating in the founding of AlphaGENIUS